Week 15 Final Post Reflection on Video Essay

Overall, the process of making this video essay challenged me and helped me be more creative. The first thing that worried me when I saw this essay was the criteria for picture taking. I tried to strictly uphold the criteria no stock images while still finding pictures that somehow represented what I would narrate. I found that when searching for pictures to take in the 3pm spokane sunset, that the criteria itself forced me to see jesus, learning, thinking and mindfulness in a more symbolic way.  I started seeing how a picture could represent more, for example, though somewhat blasphemous, I saw the Image of Jesus in a picture of Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime holding his arms so he looked like a big armed cross. 

One problem that I had with this assignment was the criteria of only 250 words. I found it a little hard to explain my views fully with this criteria. Specifically, I wish to reiterate what I said about Jesus’ miracle stories being memories written down. What I really mean is that the stories are the miracles seem to me like they are just stating what Jesus did to keep track. I think this because the miracle passages are not overly described like a story or parable, rather the miracle passages seem straightforward and simple and for this reason I think they are true.

Technological difficulties also re-taught me to be patient before I stress. The library offered no digital cameras so I was forced to use my ‘dumb’ (not smart) Phone to hold my pictures. Though my phone had little room and died while on my first excursion for pictures, the old thing came through and the pictures turned out better then expected. 

I’m proud to say that my essay does not hold stock images, save for my leg in the beginning. This class and essay has taught me to speak my own voice and thoughts. These blogs were helpful because I found them an easy way to let my thoughts flow free on any subject. See you next year, Merry Christmas!

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