Borg Ch. 8 week 7

Its interesting to hear Borg say that the Bible is both political and personal. This makes me think many of the stories in the bible may be purely political, symbols that represent the power of Rome. The Bible is personal in that each one of us can have a personal connection to God and his word if we so choose. Politically in the Bible portrays a just world that God rules over the nations, a situation the Jews would have loved compared to Roman occupation.

As the Bible can be interpreted in many ways so to can Jesus and his purpose be interpreted in many different ways. Jesus portrays the man and way of life that each of us can live by. In addition, Jesus preaches the coming of God’s kingdom, a very political sentiment.

Borg also points out just how angry the Jews were. As a culture rich in the history of rebellion and theology the Jews did not see Roman rule as a good thing. Jewish violent and nonviolent resistance occurred. Jesus himself was advocating Jewish nonviolent resistance. This was the main reason for Jesus’ eventual crucifixion.

Borg interprets the story of Jesus riding a donkey into Jerusalem. Borg claims that by riding into Jerusalem on a young donkey, Jesus enacted his message: the Kingdom of God of which he spoke was a kingdom of peace, not violence. This decision of Jesus to enter the city like this was a type of political demonstration. The best way to gain wealth in those days was either to inherit it or exploit the domination system and ally oneself with powerful rulers. Borg develops many interesting points about the historic life of Jesus, and I find the political pretesting of Jesus very interesting.

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