Gospel of Mark week 6

In the beginning of Mark’s Gospel it is mentioned that Jesus teaches with authority not like the legal experts. First I wonder what do they mean by legal experts then I think Jesus came down to teach people how to live their lives. The news of Jesus spread right away which makes you think that Jesus may have performed these miracles because I figure news in Galilee doesn’t usually travel that fast. Must have been word of mouth from shepherd to shepherd or something. When Jesus heals Simon’s mother in law Mark makes it sound like James and John are rushing miracle opportunities to Jesus as if they just found this talent God grew into. Does Jesus really call himself the ‘human one,’ does this imply there is another species form of God if that makes sense. Jesus says to the Legal experts why do you fill your mind with these questions, this passage in some ways makes it seem like Jesus read their minds, otherwise why would Jesus say fill your mind with these questions like he went into their mind and read it. Why would anyone in their right mind see Jesus heal someone and then imediately thing of a way to kill Jesus? Its almost unrealistic how dumb it is that someone that heals people deserves to die. These are my thoughts on the first part of Mark. 

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