Borg 5 Jesus The Mystic week 5

In Chapter 5 Borg gives us his argument that Jesus was a Jewish Mystic. This means that at some point in Jesus’ early life he experienced the presence of God in and around him. There are two ways of thinking of God as present. The first is supernatural theism, this means seeing God as separate from the Universe, basically God as its own entity.  The other belief is God’s immanence, which means God is in all things. I tend to lean more towards God as immanent. I found both these theories interesting and I lean towards immanence because I believe that our natural environment is more than a place for us to use, but rather a home for life. God is basically our home.

Borg goes on to explain the type of experiences of God that Jesus is said to have had. Visions occur when someone sees into another reality brought upon by God. While, an audition is hearing a voice from another reality. I find myself growing jealous of these experiences offered up by God to mystics, and people of extreme patience and faith. I have never tried to sit perfectly still and empty my mind or meditate. Borg says these experiences are like a doorway into another reality, an experience that I would love to have. These experiences are examples of firsthand faith, or actually physically seeing or hearing ‘more.’ A couple of times in areas of complete silence I swear I have heard my name whispered. Theres almost nothing I want more than to have a firsthand religious encounter just to strengthen my faith and confidence. This always leads me to ask God the question of why not prove yourself  to all of us, why not show up and enlighten us wouldn’t that be a good thing to do, to put it simply?

Reading on Borg mentions the experience of Jesus in the wilderness talking to the devil. What shocks me most in the reading is that one of the devil’s ‘evil’ questions is “if you are the Son of God then confirm it?” This question as not evil and it scares me to think I wonder the same thing. Why not just show us so we all know? If this question is considered evil, (or at least as a question the devil would ask), then curiosity must be considered evil because that is all this question is.


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