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Chapter four of Borg is devoted to studying what Jesus would have studied. Jesus grew up in a village where education was tough to come by and the Torah was not just stories but also divine law. One odd question that popped into my head while reading and that is Why did God choose the time and place to unleash his son on the world? Why not send Jesus down right now in our generation, a world in which we could prove Jesus truly is the son of God because we would video tape those miracles. If God is all powerful and he wants our faith then why choose to send his son down to a world that cannot document as well the actions of the messiah, in that way God created the need for faith, some having it and some not. Why not end our doubts?

Borg explores the government type that Jesus would have had to suffer, and what the Jews of the times thought of the current government system. He mentions that Jesus would have either accepted Roman rule, or fought it. Borg claims Jesus’ upbringing shaped him, and to this claim I would agree but also believe that if Jesus was divine then he would do some divine things in his free time like talk to God or maybe just think to himself sense he is God. This chapter makes me want to know what Jesus did in his free time. Jesus grew up in a fairly violent world, which makes sense because he would later become a pacifist. This shows partially that Jesus may have been shaped to some degree by what he grew up witnessing.

Borg notes also that Jesus would have studied the Torah and possibly only the Torah. I would be interested to compare what Jesus says as teachings to the teachings found in the Torah and see how much Jesus broke off from the Torah when it came to what he preached. I was interested to learn a bit more about the sabbath. Borg explains that it was more of a day to relax then anything, some people just see it as all church and no play.  Also the sabbath year was a concept I had never heard of: every seventh year removing all debt. Borg’s study of Jewish culture sheds light on how to picture Jesus’ as he was growing in his world. 

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