Week 2 Slow Up and Speed Down

How much time do we have left? A question that can never be answered until our last breath. Even the best Doctor, with the perfect amount of skill, challenge and flow must still make an educated guess, usually in terms of months. The history books are riddled with dates of death for our world’s most important people, and an exact number waits out there for each of us. Making up for mystery most adults manage their lives as if in a race against time. The knowledge that we have no knowledge of our own mortality fuels our society into a speeding frenzy. Crossing and checking off our lists of things to do, meeting deadline after deadline, in our society you will need to run and if time were for sale it would be in high demand.

Many times a day I catch myself in a state of fast frenzy; bouncing my legs restlessly under my desk or bitting my nails impatiently. At this point I find something interesting to distract my mind with, whether a girl, idea or anything that doesn’t involve my list of things to do. Each day is brand new, with new angles and perspectives that pass in our point of view. Stop and examine the objects, people and nature around, and you will certainly want to see more of the world. Until we know our final deadline we must not sprint to the finish line, but perhaps a light jog.


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